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Feb. 20th, 2011

Very srs thoughts on the 1st episode of the D.Gray-Man anime that I wrote at midnight so please forgive incoherency and spelling/grammar errors, woohoo. I am making it my goal to watch all of the anime and make notes like this, because I am the best at time management.

Anime adventures!Collapse )
Again with the icons, credit is nice but not necessary editing them is fine etc. etc. I was hoping to get a few more done before uploading them, but I'm having computer troubles and just want to get these up safely.

1-8 Allen
9-17 Lenalee
17-46 Miranda
47 Lavi
At this rate I'm going to need an icon communityCollapse )


More DGM icons! As always, credit is nice but not necessary. Editing them is fine too!

1-25 Miranda
26-49 Lenalee
50-55 Chaoji
56 Anita
57-58 Mahoja

Minor as minor can beCollapse )


More icons, mostly Miranda because I like colouring her. Like last time, credit is nice but not necessary, editing them for whatever reason is a-okay o/

1-33 Miranda
34-38 Emilia
39-46 Robin
2nd batch goCollapse )


Sep. 20th, 2010

Originally this post had way more icons but lj is a dick. Instead of letting these clutter up my hard drive, I might as well post them somewhere. Credit is nice but not necessary, editing them for your own purposes is a-okay.

1-5 Allen
6-11 Emilia
12-32 Lenalee
33-65 Miranda + 1 variation at the bottom that I forgot because I am a derp
66-68 Noah Lavi/Redteenth
Zone (DGM pilot chapter)
69-92 Robin

First icon dump awwww yeahCollapse )


Next week, I am going to Disneyland Paris with my cousin and my grandparents (my grandfather is doing much better and will be out of the hospital on Monday, fingers crossed). My cousin Evie, being 6, is of course very excited for this, and so I told her about how when I was her age I went to Disney world Florida. We broke out the photo album and had a joyous time looking at all the fun pictures of my sisters and I trying to pull the sword out of the stone, of me meeting Cinderella who was my favourite of all the Disney princesses at the time, spinning in the teacups, running around like mad children and having a gay old time. But then we came to one picture, one horrific picture, and the traumatic memories came flooding back.

Storytime!Collapse )
Omg guys it's my birthday today, I went to the beach with my entire family and we had lots of fun, and I have the most AMAZING cake, look at this thing! That is my face in icing on a computer with an actual keyboard with letters and a CD drive on the side with an iPod and earphones omg! There were these awesome candles that were actually fireworks and damn the whole thing is just incredible. And soooo delicious :D

Jul. 4th, 2010

General life update blah. My exams ended a couple of days ago and I've mostly been lazing around, I'm still getting back into the swing of real not-revision life and trying to get back into rping, but mostly I just feel like lazing around. I know I need to find a job and fill out my part time agency forms and apply for my provisional licence and clean my room, it's a whole bunch of stuff I'm not looking forward to. DAMN YOU REAL LIFE. I... Don't exactly feel confident with my last exam, I know it went okay but I don't think I did spectacular. I'll probably go to clearing, but I'm still hoping for Royal Holloway. I get the results next month, so fingers crossed.

It was my sisters engagement party last night! She lives two hours away and we always manage to turn up late to all her parties. Still, at least we got there before 10pm this time! It was a lot of fun, and because Becky is home from Edinburgh she got to go too, and we finally got a picture of all five of us together. I don't really like how I look there but oh well, it's been years since all five of us were together.

We set up our pool in the back garden again today! It's been seven hours and it's still only halfway full, haha. My sisters and I played in it, and we invited my grandparents and my aunt and cousin around. Evie convinced me to wage a splash war against them and then RAN AWAY when they started splashing back, so it was three against me. I kicked their arses. Plus Beth and Becky were fully clothed instead of wearing swimming costumes, so their dresses got soaked. We had lots of fun and it was FUCKING FREEZING, and then we had a big roast with ten people around our six seater table and got attacked by god damn wasps, then played trivial pursuit :D I remembered information from cartoons I watched ten years ago, but I forgot what an MP is >.> This is particularly embarrassing because my mum works in the House of Commons, haha.

In other news, it's my birthday in less than a week, woohoo /o/ I can't decide whether to go to the beach with my family or have a barbeque in the backyard with our pool, but I'm getting driving lessons, my aunt is making me one of her awesome cakes and my nan is taking me to Disneyland with my cousin as a present. Evie had a tantrum because she thought the trip would be about my birthday instead of her getting 40 gold stars on her good behaviour chart, she is SUCH an only child. It should be good! I'm staying positive about my future endeavors, my friends keep trying to get me to meet up with them during the holiday but FOR SOME STRANGE REASON I'm not too keen on that >.> Eh, maybe I'll go for one day and see if things have changed. But life is pretty much looking fun!